Death by Beige


Death by Beige

Recent statistics on the  rise of obesity and its handmaiden Type II diabetes, have got a lot of  people doing headless chicken impressions. Part of the reason is that  the tidal wave of death can be directly attributable to the evil colour  beige.

Knee jerk reactions  abound! New York has required any food outlet with more than 15  locations to post calorie information for their menu; as though the  double meat, double cheeseburger, large fries and a diet coke crowd are  actually capable of translating that information into anything  meaningful, or even caring if they could. The evils of transfat, even in  minute quantities are to be blamed also, although I still see margarine  and homogenized products in profusion on the shelves.

The reluctance to blame  beige is obvious, but so much of the food pyramid or the predominant  tastes of the oblate spheroids who worship it, are focused on  maintaining the dominant colour.

Now that green is starting  to become fashionable and plants are becoming cool again, one would  expect people’s eating habits to follow closely, but there is a  substantial lag.

Watching ads for diet  companies who send you the food, I see lots of desserts and beige main  meals. They are deliberately setting the dieter up for relapse with the  colour palette and the idea that every meal should have a dessert. Not  only are they reinforcing the deep fried junkie mentality, but the  chemicals and food coloring's in their products have been proven to  cause mood swings, and withdrawal symptoms. Essentially if you stop  eating their food you are going to feel like hell for a week and not be  too happy about it.

Secondary tactics like  labeling and pricing are subtler. You must be aware that most low fat  foods have boosted sugar levels, and most low sugar foods have more fat  and that all of the so-called diet foods have higher prices than the  original for less nutritive value. The next step is for them to sell you  over-priced pills of dubious provenance that are meant to fill in the  nutrition gaps in your fake food intake; although they often fail to  mention the effects of mega dosing with a particular vitamin or the  tendency for some concentrations to block the absorption of other  nutrients.

What is the solution? It  is very simple, eat fresh vegetables, use olive oil, lard or real butter  and flavour the food with herbs and spices instead of salt and sugar. I  will admit that cutting down carbs will help, but complex carbs are  better than refined carbs, just as complex sugars are better than  refined sugars. However, carbs are not intrinsically bad for you, it is  just important that you are aware of how to handle them and the  importance of integrating them with your diet in a way that will  minimize their effect.

The first priority is  breakfast, the most neglected part of the daily intake. Sugar or simple  carbs in the morning is the worst thing you can eat, but complex carbs  with a bit of protein is the best.

“But, but, but, what about my healthy breakfast cereal or the All Natural bars? “

Well let us start with the  breakfast bars; five to seven kinds of sugar, glued together with some  grains, natural flavorings (which aren’t) and coloring's if you are  lucky, plus chemical preservatives and lots of salts.

Bunches of (insert grain  here) boxes yield their contents as sugar, and five relatives, most of  which go straight into the bloodstream. Oops! Sorry, that is nine types  of sugar including the horrific caramel colour, plus GMO corn and corn  products.

In a plot twist contrary  to the recent popular reversal of “eggs are bad for you”, most eggs may  be bad for you, especially if they have terms like; omega 3, vegetarian,  cage free, etc. as all these hide factory egg protein, that is then  washed in bleach and waits up to six weeks for you to buy it. That there  is little or no chain of evidence, oversight or responsibility if the  egg delivery machine turns up a batch of poisonous product, is just a  bonus for the chicken factory.

Bacon, don’t get me started on modern bacon, I could write an entire article about that alone.

Lardings, the bits left when you have rendered out the pig's fat.
Lardings, the bits left when you have rendered out the pig's fat.