jeremyJeremy Goodwin first got tossed into learning to cook when, as a young man, he left home and discovered the lack of meals miraculously appearing in front of him at the appropriate time.

His talents started emerging while traveling throughout the Northern hemisphere, where often, not speaking the language, he was required to feed himself and others on whatever was locally available.

After being forced to eat (and sometimes choke down) his early attempts, Jeremy started to learn from the locals. Quickly picking up regional styles by cooking in peopleís homes and taking odd jobs in some very odd restaurants and bars around the world, he eventually ended up in Houston.

Now, working on avoiding opening his second restaurant, the first being a stiff lesson in partnership agreements in San Miguel

de Allende, Jeremy decided to extend the concept of his long running column, A Single Manís Kitchen.

The idea was first generated by Jeremyís an attempt to offset the cost of entertaining women in expensive restaurants and the despair of the long drive home, broke and alone without the doggie bag.

When not writing about food, trying new restaurants, cooking, catering or demonstrating kitchen skills, he delights in BBQ cook-offs. He is a sponsor, cook and team member of the famous Cold River Cattle Company BBQ Team and their offshoot Outcast Cookers, raising money for and entertaining children from the Sunshine Kids and the Small Steps Nurturing Center.

Jeremy is also a longtime supporter of The Montrose Beer and Gun Club, originally a mythical organization in Houston. Since its early beginnings the myth has turned into an annual barbecue event that raises money for kids who wish things were better.

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